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Learning Through Play

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We will harness our inner creativity and master our skills by expression through art; drawing, painting, & more.

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Music is an important piece of our philosophy as everyone is an artist in their own way. Music is a great way to express! 

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Movement is part of our daily routine. We will incorporate a variety of activities including yoga which helps to balance the body and calm the mind.

ABC Cubes


Good communication and language are of utmost importance to our academy. We teach with encouragement and fun for all! 

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We will use our team skills and work with one another to solve math questions, count, add, subtract, amoungst other fun ways to collaborate with one another & learn. 

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Outside Play

We love outdoor time. It's vital for young children to practice and master emerging physical skills. Studies have shown increased time in nature reduces stress, anxiety, depression & more.

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